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tevin: a

tevin: a

tevin: a

tevin: a

matallah: hi

yunseo.lee2014: wo

yunseo.lee2014: wher is studdy

seojin.yoon1314: i love xueing ongzh ewn

seojin.yoon1314: i love

seojin.yoon1314: shen lao shi

seojin.yoon1314: shen

seojin.yoon1314: the first day of cal3 with ms. bao ru

elisha: Hello!

annabelle.studdy1213: HI

dmcnally: hi

echo.jiang: CAL 3第一课

chriss: The first day for students is this Wednesday.

amyy: 武则天

ineszh: 武则天

ineszh: 武则天

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