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friederikebehling: hello

Miyel: 课程纲要

christine: And you most of all.

christine: Everyone is awesome

christine: about you,

christine: No matter what people say to you, or say

christine: Something to remember (in english):

ameliachuang: whats up chinese learners

phoebe.deng: 范蠡

lvydu: 平台开发上海小组

cecilia.cheng: 许冷吉

cecilia.cheng: 徐冷吉

seojin.yoon1314: hi you

cecilia.cheng: 秦始皇

donghyun.jang1213: hello

donghyun.jang1213: Hello!

donghyun.jang1213: Hello

mariavittoria.zinzon: hi! I am Maria Vittoria I am a Italian person

seojin.yoon1314: 我也不知道我写了什么…………

seojin.yoon1314: 你们好 你用沈老司机马?

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