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loganhanson: 我很喜欢飞机

loganhanson: 飞机是很好

chanel.spagna1314: yolo

aryan.raj2014: andrew

Chinese Studies Y9: 已更新:)

joao.ferreiragastao1: today is my birthday 15/4/14

aatallah: sup peoplez

lmirkaze5: hello everybody

corwin: ni hao da jia

corwin: ni hao da jia

corwin: ni hao

loganhanson: Hi.

loganhanson: zxftg njyhbtgvfc

corwin: hi

seojin.yoon1314: I love frozen

seojin.yoon1314: Do you guys like frozen???????/

joao.ferreiragastao1: hi

testteacher: 0.0

loganhanson: If you want, join AirplaneEC.

alexandragibbs: Hi

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