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Miyel: teacher's work shop

jean.lv: teacher‘ workshop

sallyh: teachers workshop

gavin.chenforral: ni hao everybody!

matallah: matallah is ________ because __________.

peteryang: 国庆快乐

christofferjensen: hi

catherine.yarbrough: im on level 7! 4 now!

tli1: 大家好!我是李天爱,今年八岁,来自新西兰!

noemiepelletier: GG

jkim29: YCIS SUX

seojin.yoon1314: I already is the 7th in the ranking

seojin.yoon1314: hi youguys

alex2014: hi everyone

lowsecondary10: Dream

michelleleonard: hi fellas!

seojin.yoon1314: hi

Miyel: 文化研习课

gavin.chenforral: hi

catherine.yarbrough: i have no friends on her...

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